Aluminum Plates for sale

2 sets of 1/4” 6061 aluminum plate cut outs


The Aluminum I got out of a 5’x10’ sheet of amazing 6061 and it was around $120. I got the parts laser cut and filed them out as well. So I can do a set of:

  1. Dewalt 611 plate @ 1/4” Qty. 1

  2. Y plate @ 1/4” Qty. 2

Total: $170

Compatible for 25.4

I am located in Los Angeles, Ca. So shipping I’ll ship in state free of charge. Out state let me know where so I may get it see how I can help

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I live in Hawaii and the high humidity has caused the mdf to swell and distort before I got a chance to use my low rider so I’d like to go to aluminum.

The picture appears to show two 1/4 pieces sandwiched together for a 1/2” side piece. Is that what your doing? Does that mean your including four 1/4” side pieces.




Since I got the parts cut from a high grade aluminum, 1/4" is strong enough. To do wood and foam, but if you want to get better results with cutting and milling metal and reducing vibrations then get 2 sets and combine them.

I’m interested in a set or two please. I’m in Massachusetts. How would 2 sets change the build though, if at all? Does it change any other dimensions when building?


I live in Guam, I know the feeling!

I never understand this… i made the same advertise… mine was 50$ ± the set for europe, and my advertise was blocked…

And i just wanted to help everyone source a cheap set of pieces in europe.


The 2 sets i had made have been sold already. Best way to get it near you would be to contact a local laser cutter and give them dxf files of the plates. I’ll have a few batch’s made by next month to post.


To answer your question about strength and compatibility :

Option 1. I would recommend placing 1 layer 1/4" mdf and 1 layer 1/4" Aluminum to keep original sizing.

Option 2. Use only 1 set of 1/4" aluminum plates with shorter machine screws.

Option 3. Get 2 Sets and combine them and not worry about any changes.


Hope This Helped Out!

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Thank you. I’ll definitely take some when you have them.

i got plates and 3d prints from this man and they were very good and very cheap, if youre in EU buy from this man. thanks antonio

If you plan on doing this anymore please contact me for licensing first.