Alternative use for MPCNC, giant self moving Ouija board?

Odd topic, but I am looking for ways to build a Giant (appx 10ft wide or larger if possible x 4-6ft tall) Ouija board that spells out words by itself while hanging vertical on a wall.

The idea, basically a DIY cnc machine wall mounted with a thin false wall over it. Magnets attached to the “router” area connect the other side of the false wall.

I do not need accuracy (well, it needs to be able to hit a large letter, but nothing precise)

Would an XL version of the MPCNC be a decent starting point for this project?

I should add, I thought MPCNC might be better vs the lowrider because of the full frame on all 4 sides for wall mounting

This might be better as a ZenXY project. It is already designed to move a magnet around a thin flat surface, just in this case you don’t bother with sand. Paint or use vinyl on a thin board, and a steel ball rolls around and does whatever you like.

Not hard to wrote a gcode generator for it. I bet I could come up with one pretty quick. Just keep a set of X/Y coordinates for a-z, 0-9 and some common punctuation. Go to the location, do a little circle… implement a space as a special case, to pause for a half second or so. It could quickly turn any text into a message.


I agree. The ZenXY would do great at this.

For the gcode, I would write a little python app that sends gcode commands one at a time to the controller. The minimum viable product (MVP) is just to go in a straight line from wherever it is to the letter. If ‘H’ is at X=500 Y=655, then it is as easy as sending G1 X500 Y655, with a speed already set. The python app would have to wait for the gcode to finish before either pausing, or sending the next letters coordinates. Python can also work well with flask to make a web interface you could use to input the letters or change options like speed. The python could run on a pi or other SBC.

Then you could add effects like making it look indecisive, by adding randomness, or integrating it with other services that can handle voice control and send it higher level commands.

If you know javascript you could do it with node.js. if you know C++, you could drop the pi and use an esp32.

Sounds like a very fun project.


I didn’t even notice the ZenXY, thanks for bringing that to my attention!!

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I had a thought the other night about a zen xy with a small z axis. Using the z axis to raise and lower the magnet to invisibly drag chess pieces around a board. Unfortunately, like everyone else, more projects than time… but an interesting thought none the less.

Sounds like a job for a cursed Maslow. Like, a literally cursed Maslow… :ghost:

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I have considered that also. Theres a lightly used complete one locally for 500 including router and stand setup… but im unsure If I can hang completely vertically

Does it need to be perfectly vertical? Or, can you give it ever so slight angle? Just a couple of inches should do it. Kicking the bottom out just 3-4 inches from vertical should give you enough contact with the board.

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You could also use an electromagnet instead of a Z axis. That would turn it off and on.

Now you just need a computer that can play chess.

Using a servo or something for Z would also work, but would be difficult with the ZenXY printed parts. An electromagnet would be easier, and possibly more able to handle bigger loads. It shouldn’t be too hard to rig an electromagnet with a MOSFET switch

Or even just how the ouija pointer is constructed/attached. You’re no longer constrained by having a router… Heck, if you’re good, put in the electronics to have LEDs flicker and get stronger as it gets closer to the chosen letter/answer…

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Now i want to see this get built! Would be cool to see


we throw a big halloween party every year and this will be the main room centerpiece for 2023… getting started early!

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