Alternative 1.5" dust collection hose

Anyone find an alternative 1.5" vacuum hose that works good? The one that is recommended on the Doc’s page for the LR3 has a 1-2 month lead time. I know there are some alternative dust shoes to use larger hose, but I want to stick with 1.5". The connection in the default shoe looks to be 1-7/8".

After some digging, I may have found an alternative. Home Depot has a Ridgid hose that seems to be about the right dimensions… And it’s cheaper than the Shop-Vac brand!

I don’t think you will be happy with the Home Depot hose. Based on looks and experience, it is a harder plastic that is far less flexible. A hose like the one pictured came with my cheap shopvac, and I am always fighting it. I put this hose on my Primo, and it is significantly more supple.

I’m intrigued. I was just looking to get some more hose.

The hose I linked says it is 1 1/4" vs the 1 1/2" you linked for the LR. I doubt my hose is more supple than the hose you linked for the LR, but it is significantly better than the crap that shipped with my small, cheap shopvac.

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I think this is what I have (it is 2/5", I know):

I wonder if there is a smaller version. It is nice to see what is happening in there (just yesterday I sucked up a part and I was able to pinch the hose to keep it from going all the way up until I turned off the vac and got it out). It is also flexible, and has a metal spine (which would be good for grounding, I think).

Hmmm. My limited googling didn’t find anything.

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I’ll give it a go for around $22 for 14ft. If it doesn’t work I’ll take it back.

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Any thoughts on this? It’s 1 1/4 but has smooth inside.

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Don’t forget to check other stores online. Walmart and Lowes has it available to order. Probably others that sell Shop-Vac brand, as well.

or Lowes

I gave it a go and it is pretty stiff, but I think I’m going to do an above mount for the hose.

I know this is a weird thought, but has anyone given consideration to using pool vacuum hose? I’ve got a pool and similar hose and it’s pretty flexible compared to shop vac hoses…

Last pool hose I tried turned onto a train whistle, like maybe even a tsunami siren. I could not turn off the vac fast enough.

On the LR3 Still is okay. It gets hard mounted at the dust shoe, and hard mounted at the top bearings. That gets squished into the back hooks. Even a stiff hose should not really put any forces on the cutter. I also think it relaxes after a bit of use.

Top mount is okay, you just need to be really careful not to add any forces as the machine travels to the extremes.

Just ordered and received mine in 2 days from Walmart - thanks for the link!

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