Almost Done!

Near complete on my MP3DP build. More info and pics on the way.


Cannibalized an old Maker Bot Replicator for the motors and heated bed.


Control board is an SKR 1.1 that I had laying around.


Hotend is an E3d V6 clone with a Bondtech BMG clone. And yes I will share the mount STL!!!


So far so good! Hope it is going well for you so far.

I need to make myself another one or two as well. Loving the white and grey I don’t have that combo…yet!

I found a part cooling fan duct that mounts to the hotend cooling fan mount on Thingiverse. I had to rotate it a bit but that wont cause any problems.

So far I’m very happy with the MP3DP. Everything cut perfect on my MPCNC and fit together like a glove. I’ve had to add a couple mounting holes for the SKR board and move the Y axis home switch because of some interference with my heated bed screws. And of coarse added the 4 holes for the heated bed.

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