Almost done but question with my z endstop

Everything is coming along but not sure if I need a min and max endstop and if so what is the best place to put them

You don’t need either. In CNC work, the 0,0,0 location is based on where your material is, not the machine. When you start the machine, it won’t know where it is, but it will assume it’s at zero. You can either just push the machine arouns until you’re at the 0,0,0 of the material or use the motion commands to move it into place.

When you’re at the 0,0,0, you can tell the machine with G92 X0 Y0 Z0. You can put this at the top of any gcode and it will set the 0,0,0 wherever the bit is when you start a gcode file.

Or, you can reset Marlin when you get there, since it will assume it’s starting at 0,0,0.

As you keep working through Ryan’s guides, he will go over all of that.

I'm running a ramps combo with the duel endstop flash so I wasn't sure when I home the machine if z would home also

Sorry, I was assuming you weren’t doing dual endstops. For dual endstops, you can home, and you’ll need to plug X1’s endstop into xmin and X2’s endstop into Xmax, similar for the Y. You can test them with M119 command, and then home one axis at a time. Don’t home Z. The home command is G28, and you add on the axis you want:

G28 X
G28 Y

Dual endstops are a more advanced concept. They are definitely not required. The reason they are useful is, the machine moves each side the same distance, but if they start in a different place, then they will stay out of square. Dual endstops will adjust each side so they are square.

Enough unsolicited advice. :smiley: . As for where to install them, I don’t think there are built in mounts for them. There are little clamps to attach them to the tubes. Anything you can do to attach them is going to work. The clamps are nice because you can move where they are.

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