Almost a 525 Build

Getting pretty close now on my 525 build. It should be able to do 32"x36"x12" when complete. Mechanical is all assembled. Arduino is flashed and motors move the correct distance when instructed. Just need to wire it up and add tools to the business end. I attached the beige boards directly to the legs on all four sides like a skirt. It really strengthens the thing. No wobble now. The skirt is aluminum poly sandwich ( Just some scraps I had laying around from my sign business. It’s been fun so far.

12", What is your intended use?

The build looks great other than that. I have always wanted to enclose mine but most of my projects hang out of at least one side. Can;t wait to see what you make with it.

Thanks for the complement. I have a sign business. Mostly Digital prints on vinyl from a wide format printer applied to corrugated plastic and aluminum panels. I also have one of those cheap chinese K40 co2 lasers. I do some lite engraving with it. The MPCNC project was found in a moment of frustration with the limited size of the K40. I intend it to be a Laser/Router/3d Printer. Just change out the tool head. I’m sure I will run into complications like firmware compatibility for all 3 uses. Not sure If I’ll reflash every tool change or just get additional Arduino/Ramps boards to change with the tools.

Maybe you or someone else who does all 3 with theirs could point me in the right direction for ways of thinking about this?

You will not be doing any milling at 12". Laser should be no issue but those usually only need 1"-3". 3D printing is also super sketchy at that height, unless you are using a bowden setup even then you will have to slow it down.

The Height is to allow taller objects to be placed under it for engraving. Also to allow for a “W” axis rotary indexer. (Maybe I’ll get around to that.) There are also long focal point lasers and it could be focused spot on or used out of focus for burning rather than cutting/ablating. The long “Z” will allow for a great range of focus at variable surface heights. Milling can always be accomplished from a raised platform that would be placed inside.

That still leaves the long z motor swinging around above it. The better way to do this is a short build with a short z axis and a drop table.

I hope this is taken the right way, I am Just trying to help guide you to the best user experience. With the smaller steppers you are using all of this is a factor. Be sure to wire those in series when you get to that part.

Thanks for the heads up on series wiring instead of parallel. I kinda thought that would be best too from what I have been reading. The steppers do look smaller than those that you sell. I noticed that. They are supposed to be 83oz/in though. Yours are 79 I thought. Mine were purchased here:

I don’t think that is right. Generally you can tell a steppers power by how long it is versus another in it’s size class(nema 17). These are short, no doubt I am sure some are better than others but even the math on that doesn’t add up.

As far as I can tell 40N/cm=59oz/in, not 86oz/in. So that leads me to believe the N/cm rating is off as well since they are only .9A@3.96V.

They should still work just keep that in mind.