All thread max length?

The cutting calculator says the length is ‘minimum’ but what would be the max? for my height it says an 8 inch all-thread, would 9 inches be better then the full length of it? (12 inches) or does it just not matter?

Max is the bottom of your z axis tubes, but even that is about 4 inches of unused screw.

okay cool, seems I dont need to cut it then! I guess worse case I can take it off and cut it later.


another quick question about the same assembly. the bearing that goes in the middle (and the allthread goes through) doesnt stick in the space and pops out easily? should I carefully glue the sides of it to keep it in there?

Nope, makes sure it is pushed in all the way, it’s job is such that it should always be getting pushed into the hole. No other forces.

Hi Ryan, my screw is about 1" 1/4 or 280 mm, my Z tubing are 11 3/4, should I make them longer? At the moment my max travel is 3 3/4.

The nut goes on the top.

Your screw is too long.