All necessary modifications to work with a Makita RT0700C or RT0701C

Hi all,

My Lowrider 2 is still under construction (waiting for my bearings), but I’ve used the time to remix Ryan’s original LR2 parts to work with my Makita RT0700C - it should also work with a RT0701C.

You can find the parts and a few photos on Thingiverse.

I’ve modified the Y plate to fit the 4 M4 screw holes and the size of the opening in the original router base.

I also remixed 2 printed parts which are drop-in replacements for VacDuct.stl and VacShoeTop.stl. VacShoeTop fits together perfectly with the original VacShoeBack.stl and VacShoeFront.stl, while sitting snug next to the Makita instead of the DeWalt that the original parts were made for.

The VacDuct part snaps into place in the factory router base for the Makita (see pictures). Same as the original part it redirects the router’s exhaust air away from the intake of the vacuum shoe.

I ended up reconstructing the required parts in CAD from the measurements of the original parts since the modifications were a bit more intricate.

Comments and questions are welcome!



Looks great!

Awesome job. I’m also going to start assembling mine, hopefully next few days. I don’t have the Makita, but I did buy the cheapie look-alike to try. [attachment file=“Screenshot_100.png”]
Aparently most of the parts for the makita are interchangeable with mine.

I might give your design a go and hoping it’ll work. Thanks

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Great, please let me know how it goes. I'd love to add the Katsu to the compatible devices list for this mod.

Perfect fit on all the parts. Much better vacuum suction . Router clamp latch his the vacuum bar. I flipped it backwards. Doesnt clamp as well, so you’ll have to tighten the nut a bit. Good job!



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Will do, when I get the router, hopefully by the end of the week

Brian, thank you so much for testing the parts and following up! I’m happy to hear that it worked. Once I’ve made some progress with my own build, I’ll see if I can do something to help with the clearance for the clamp. Otherwise it seems like you found a great workaround.

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@Frederik I just got the router in. I had already printed your parts beforehand, and everything seems to fit really well. I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, but the inside hole of the vacduct seems to be alittle off -centre. When I put it on and go to lower the router, the nut hits on one half, but it’s definitely no biggie, it took me a minute to file the other side make the clearance bigger. Other than that everything lines up perfectly, just like the makita ai!!!

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@John, thank you for the update. The nut does not interfere with the vacduct on my original Makita, maybe the internal geometry of your Anesty is a bit different. Happy to hear that you made it work, though.

No worries

Now that I’ve completed my own build I updated the thingiverse listing to include two higher hose brackets. This way you can use the router without flipping the clamp.


I’m using your re-design to attach Makita router to my build in place of Dewalt. Awesome Mod, thanks for publishing it.

Question: What is the purpose of the VacDuct part? You said: redirects the router’s exhaust air away from the intake of the vacuum shoe. Why not direct exhaust air into the dust collection as well?

I’m looking into this since I want to be able to get router sitting lower than VacDuct insert would allow.

Thank you Alex! The VacDuct part should not prevent you from inserting the router all the way - maybe you need to file off a bit around then indent to make sure it’s not interfering.

I simply adopted idea from the original part for the Dewalt. According to Ryan it helps with the vacuum to separate the air flows and it works well for me, so I kept it.

The issue is the router exhaust shoots straight down, and will always be faster than a vacuum systems airflow, so it blows chips all over the place, even with the vac running.

Thanks Gents.

I understand the purpose now.

Routers sits pretty well on that insert, however I want for it to be slightly lower so the collect sticks out a little bit.


…have you found a 1/8" collet for the rt0700c?

I also have one and as I’m pulling the trigger on the lrcnc2 in the next few hours, I was thinking of getting those 500w Chinese spindles because I can’t seem to be able to get a 1/8" for the makita…

You can find 1/8" collets on Aliexpress:

@Frederik Thanks for the link but there are no 1/8" - 3.175mm collets for the rt0700c

You’re right. Sorry I missed that.

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