Afer a year of lurking.... Lowrider brought me in...

Spent the better part of the year with my Creator Pro making small projects for the family and a few useful items but now it’s time to do something for me. Working my way down the plastic print list over the holiday weekend will be fun. Ordering the rest of the parts here, even more fun. But there are still a few questions I have…


  1. Is using .25" aluminum okay for the plates? Will that change the mass in a bad way?
  2. I'm shooting for a slightly longer table (9' cut length), has anyone had any experience with this machine that length?
  3. I am also going for a taller z axis 8" preferable, but 6" needed. Thoughts on that would be appreciated.
This is a very exciting machine. So many projects are designed and waiting for their turn on this beast. I'm also keen on trying it as a giant 3D printer.

Thanks for an excellent design.

  • Jimmeh

Cool. Stretching the limits. I haven’t seen anyone with a 9’ cut length, but the only difference I could see is the increased belt length. Also, bigger jobs have a higher chance of failure, etc.

I also don’t think anyone has bit the bullet and tried to print with it. Some folks have talked about it.

I think you’re also pushing the limits by cutting at a higher Z, but I don’t see why there would be a problem with that. It’s going to be a little less rigid, but if you’re patient, and forgiving, I think you could have fun with it. I’m just guessing. I’ve never tried anything thicker than an inch or so.

Welcome. I don’t get much time with my machine, so please post as many projects as possible so I can live vicariously through your successes.

1- Aluminum will be fine you can probably easily go thinner the plates don’t really do much work.

2-Any length you want, if you can go more narrow you will benefit from that.

3-The z height you need, you won’t be able to cut that deep could you just use a drop table?

Lots of logistical issues with printing with it but there is nothing stopping you from doing it, technically it could.

Damn it. Now this is stuck in my head.

Thanks for the excellent and informed replies. I’ll consider a thinner table. My goal is to carve Custom Doors, Face Fronts (Frames), and the like. The scope of possibility with this machine seems immense. I’m already working on a custom cabinet for my parent’s “Man Cave” basement. Seems like you could produce just about anything.


I know I’ll build a MPCNC for smaller milling. But that’s at least a month away.

Speaking of which, Ryan, my parts order should be placed tomorrow.


  • Jimmeh