So I’m looking to get a CNC for carving juice grooves in cutting boards and flattening boards. I’m looking for a 30x30x3” format that can possibly be increased in size down the road. I don’t have a 3D printer so I’m looking to find the exact format for ordering. This will be shipped to Salmon Arm, BC, Canada.

So, what’s the question exactly?

I’m trying to figure out specifically what package to pick up.

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Oh, mpcnc vs lowrider? I think most people will say that 30x30 is really pushing it for the mpcnc, but it would probably be fine for cutting juice grooves (and I’ve seen a couple much larger than that), so what else is it you’re trying to do?
Both are easily expandable, but the lowrider probably wins for only needing 2 tubes and some belts (z you can just cut for 4 or 5 inches of travel or whatever from the get go). Mpcnc needs several tubes and belts, then maybe supports depending on HOW big.
Mpcnc is super easy to start with. I’m finishing up my lowrider, and I see why people say that now, but the lowrider isn’t terrible either.
What’s your skill level like, and how far off the deep end do you feel comfortable jumping?

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Agreed, you are right on the boarder of an MPCNC and a LowRider. I do think you would be okay but wanting to go bigger brings in the LR a little more.

Any thoughts on one inch vs 25mm formats? Does it matter?

That all comes down to what you have available in your country or nearby. In the US you have inexpensive conduit 23.5mm or really expensive SS 25.4mm. Other countries usually only have one choice.

Canada has really expensive everything. :smiley: Well, the SS tube is probably better for the 30x30 if that’s your milling area, since you need at least 12" extra in both dimensions for the structure, the EMT will be more flexible than ideal. At that point you’d be better with a low Rider to save the cost of all that stainless, in my opinion.

Hey guys he is my neighbor & we work together. I will say this the mpcnc is probably the route to go as he does also bigger stock that barely fit on my machine as well so the lowrider wouldn’t be a good idea. If it was only juice grooves then yes I would say a lowrider. conduit is cheap so to me the ideal solution plus I get a deal on it. SS I would love to do but to me the price difference doesn’t make it worth while. this is coming from 4 years and many thousands of hours of use with the mpcnc. My bed is a cutting area of 2ft x 4ft.

Here is a example of a bench top that needed a cellphone dock and pencil tray. as you can see it is pretty thick at 2.5 inches.

so the 23.5mm kit and parts would do the trick for him. but if he wanted stainless then the 25.4. but please correct me if I am wrong on the lowrider if it can do higher cuts then 2.5 inches.

And yes I would be near by or helping with the setup lol My parts are printing for my upgrade now too :slight_smile:


Look who’s back! thought we lost you to the tool shed!

Yeah the LR can do higher/thicker but I do think it is slightly hard to use since you have to do a little more than just drag the head over and hit start. But I have a 12"x13" usable MPCNC and a 2’x4’ usable LR. Just one of those things, right in the middle, the LR will cut faster in the end at that size, but the MPCNC is more set up for some experimenting with lasers and stuff. So maybe that is the deciding factor, if it is just to do cutting boards, the LR is faster and has dust extraction built in, but if there is a sense of adventure and some experimenting planned the MPCNC.

See nothing has changed I still have not narrowed down the machine definitions!


Hahaha! yes I was consumed by projects the last while that’s for sure. So I guess what your telling me is I need to make a LR as well. you do know my shop is only 8ft x 8ft? lol I am sure in the long run adding a laser to his machine would probably be great as well for adding custom writing and stuff on his work. but then again I am still happy with the v1 as it has done everything any anything I have expected of it. I will print the LR parts after and get those done up cause now for personal knowledge I gotta know. Plus its pretty. But all and all I think the MPCNC would be a good start dust collection is a simple shoe print and connect to his existing dust collection system.
I have been using this one off thingiverse for years now

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I’m excited to get CNCing! Wes is going to have a look at the MPCNC for me and determine the best wiring format for an idiot to put together. Then I’ll shoot my order right over!

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