Advice on spindle

Hi All,

I have collected all the parts I need to build by MPCNC minus the spindle. I am hoping to start the build as soon as I can find the time and use it as a plotter until I am comfortable enough to try actually cutting something.

I am from the UK and as already mentioned in other threads, the dw660 is not really an option here so I am looking for an alternative. I came across this on banggood as was wondering if it would be any good? I am planning on using my MPCNC mostly for cutting wood, but I would also like to try some aluminium and playing around with milling some PCBs.



If you’re in the UK, look for a Kress. They’re not exactly cheap, but this is what they’re made for. I basically have what you listed, and it works, but it has it’s own issues. Because of the way they’re constructed you can’t get any motor mounts down close to the collet, so you have a leverage disadvantage right from the start. I think it’s something like 1 and a half to two inches from the bottom of the motor to the end of the collet, then you have the endmill length to deal with.


Hi Barry, thanks for your reply. My budget won’t stretch to a kress at the moment I’m afraid. Is there any other alternative?

What about this?

Make sure there is a mount available, unless you have the ability to design one yourself.

There have been a few threads on UK options.

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I have found a Kress 530 for £139 that I might try, since if I were to go for a Makita router it would be around £129 anyway. Would this one be okay for the MPCNC?