Advice on old gen MPCNC

It has been a long time since I have posted here, but I need some advice. I currently have the first gen MPCNC that I have not used much lately due to some other projects that I was working on. Now, I would like to get back into it and make good use of the MPCNC.

One thing I want to do is upgrade from the Dewalt 660 to the 611, but need some advice on a good mount that will work with the original design.

If one cannot be found, it is worth upgrading to the new design? I have most of the parts for the new MPCNC printed, I just need a couple more and I should be good.

Thanks in advance for any help. Greatly appreciated.

I went from the previous version to a Low Rider. Just sayin’…

I don’t second Jeff’s opinion. You shouldn’t give up the mpcnc to get a lowrider.

Having both is a far superior answer.


Can’t win them all!

I still have it mostly assembled in the basement.

I’ve been considering making it smaller and either doing a laser or a small mill for PCB. The biggest problem with mine was the DeWalt wasn’t perpendicular to the work, which really limited my speeds and stuff. I was going to upgrade to 525, but I skipped it for the LR.

Thanks for the advice. I am now considering the Low Rider as it would be a bit more versatile. Even if I just build it at 4’ x 4’.

Also, can I use the Low Rider for things like engraving and such, or just cutting?

Mine is flat enough to engrave successfully and I’m pretty sure Jeff’s is even flatter.

It can do all the same things there just aren’t all the mounts designed yet for other functions, but all the router functions are no problem.