Advice on laser

Wanting to get laser good for mostly wood will do some aluminum and acrylic not sure what brand or model

My take on it.

Thank you. Can you give link to how to hook lcd to board from you. Is there anything I have to do once plug into board?

It has it in that page. The recommended laser uses the fan port no changes needed.

I got a lcd screen off you while back and want to hook it to board what do I need to do to hook it up the one you recommend to get so I dont have to use computer to do everything

My wife has been spending a lot of time in Pinterest since I built the MPCNC looking at engravings and cuttings and now wants a laser. Since she’s on board my budget just spiked up.

Ryan, your link is great general advice about laser safety but doesn’t help a novice like me determine what I need to buy. (The JTech link goes to room 404.) Can you update they link or point out what components are request with the Rambo board?

Looks like they changed their kits up a little bit. I need to take a good look but the generic all in one kit I think is what was best before.

2.8W gets a lot done, if you know you are just going to etch things the 1W might even give more dynamic range.