Advice for new v4 build

I’m starting to order all my parts for a v4 build. This will be my first MP3DP. I have experience with a LR2 Primo and LR3 but never built a 3D printer before. Only ever had creality printers.

Best extruder/hot end to be able to print at faster speeds? I have no clue on this. I see Ryan post about maxing his out with a .5 nozzle at 55mms and I would like to try and print faster than that with all the advanced stuff klipper has.

Best board to run? Thinking about the BTT Octopus but open to opinions for sure. Also if you like the octopus which version?

Planning to give klipper a try. I might try it on my ender 5 plus before I get this one built just to get my feet wet in it before jumping to a custom build.

That’s everything I can think of right now but if anyone has any helpful advice I’m all ears!! Thanks!!!

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The board features aren’t super important when running Klipper since all the heavy lifting is done on the host computer. Octopus would work fine. Get the cheapest rev. Fysetc Spider is another popular option.

The MP3DP uses a Hemra. Carriage plate might have to be remixed or adapted to use a different extruder. Not familiar with E3D extruders so unsure is they use a unified mounting pattern across their extruder line.

55mm/s isn’t bad if the result is a perfect print. Speed is expensive. Reliability can be priceless.

Look into lightweight extruders like Orbiter, Sherpa Mini/Micro, Afterburner, or LGXlite. Just keep in mind you might be chasing minimal gains.


If your looking for speed and you’ve got an Ender 5 consider a Mercury One overhaul in the future. There are shops that sell components to make it easy.

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Print speed is driven by how much plastic you can (controllably) melt and move through the extruder. Having a faster mechanism to move the bed around isn’t going to help if the extruder throughput is the limiting factor.

A larger nozzle will be able to move more plastic if the heater can keep up. The Hemera has a big heater block designed to melt a lot of filament.

That was my understanding. And why im asking which is the best hot end to go with? i have no experiance with anything other than my creality printers and the most i have done to them is a microswiss hot end. Never have done a complete hotend/extruder setup before.

I will look into that. Thank you!

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Yeah think many of us know what that’s like! Ask away.

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Thanks. Hopefully someone will have some suggestions of different ones to look at

Total forgot about the EVA system. It works with a bunch of hotend/extruder combos.

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