Adding LR-Core to beam is loose

I am on the step where you add the LR Core to the beam. The instructions say “Add the LR-Core to the beam and set the tension of the lower two bolts” but it seems after tightening the bolt the whole LR Core is super loose on the beams. I made a video but I cant seem to paste links here.

Is it normal for the LR Core to be like that.

Please upload some pictures of your lower core bearings off your beam. It looks like you are missing bearings.

Okay somewhere you have a size mismatch.

What diameter are your rails, exactly. Also can you show a picture of the label inside the brace part prints.

That is not even close. It acts as if you were missing bearings, but you do not seem to be.

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Looks like you don’t even have your bottom rail put in correctly in the core. You’ll have to slide it in onto both rails from one side.

That is just for the picture.
The video it is right. The rails do look odd in the braces through. I suspect they are the wrong diameter, or the braces are the wrong set for the rails. The Core is universal, so if it isn’t the rails or braces it is printer calibration.

I am using 3/4 rails. I guess I either print the braces for 3/4inch or get a 1 inch conduit

Yes and no.

You either need to get 1" OD tubing (not Conduit). Or print the right braces for what you have. Please measure your rails Outside diameter, Conduit is sold by INSIDE diamter.

When I use the new braces would that fix it? The difference in the LR Core still seems huge

Yes, absolutely, and it is easy to test. Print one.

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I have asked you twice to measure your rails and you have not answered. Can you please confirm your rail diameter.

0.92 inch is the outer diameter

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That is 3/4" conduit (which measures by the inside diameter). 0.92 * 25.4= 23.4mm.


I printed the 3/4 inch braces (23p4) and those make the perfect fit. It is solved now. Thanks everyone