Adding extensions to steppers

So will it affect speed of a stepper if I have two extensions going to x2 and one going to x1 and vise versa for y axis steppers? I’m wonder if there would be enough voltage drop to affect speeds

It would be the same as using a larger diameter cable. One possible downside of using two cables instead of one is noise (a loop creates current in a changing magnetic field).

Neither will really increase speed, but if you have small cables, that causes a voltage drop, which can cause less torque at higher speeds. But the motors move as fast as they are told until they skip steps.

Maybe we should back up. What problem are you trying to solve?

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Just talking a gues, but it sounds like he is working on wiring his machine and was concerned that different length wires for each stepper would cause a problem… the answer to that (as Jeff said) would be probably not. But if it does end up giving you issues, let us know and we can help solve them.

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Yes I am trying to extend where my control box will sit and the cable I use are the dual endstops kit from the V1 store, so if it wouldn’t affect them timing on each motor I would extend one of the motors on each axis

It shouldn’t have a noticeable effect.

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Although, if you rewire the system I’d strongly advise using at least 22AWG stranded wire for the entire thing with the fewest number of connectors possible. I had intermittent problems with the kit cables and they completely disappeared upon rewiring. The extra distance won’t matter.