Adding and aligning a pillow block bearing to the Z-drive


there are pretty low cost pillow block bearings on the market. I’d like to add such one to the Z drive array to decouple the axial loads from the stepper bearings. Grabcad has a couple of models in various CAD formats available. How can I best align and integrate that into the lower Z-plate? I understand it should be mounted with the flat side down. Subtracting such a body from the existing body is no problem, but the exact coaxial alignment of the bearing is not trivial.


I wanted to attach the stl file taken from here, but it is not possible. It’s just a click away though.

Thanks in advance for assistance and comments.

Another way is an 8mm lock collar on the other side of the bearing.

If you still want the dimension can you tell me what size machine you are using.

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25mm tubes.


re: lock collar: On my yet old-style machine, I observed several occasions where the downwards movement of the gantry was quicker than the tool, so it dropped a little way after penetrating the surface (hardened aluminium surface of Dibond boards, the lower surface). I just want to get the optimum rigidity in every direction. The pillow block can be fixed on the base with two little bolts. Better than nothing.

There is an integrated locking collar with two grub screws as a part of the inner bearing ring.

[attachment file=“IMG_4595 (Bearbeitet).JPG”]
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If I recall the bearing is not secured from lifting up, not intended to be loaded that way, so with a lock collar below the bearing you might also want some screws in the plastic to hold it down. Or if you have room, maybe a second bearing below, and then the lock collar. Maybe try for axial preload if you’re into that sort of thing. :slight_smile:

Just an example:

[attachment file=99599]
[attachment file=99600]

Apologies for the[attachment file=100080]



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Awesome. Thank you so much. And don’t worry about the timing. Rome did also not burn down in a single day.

Cheers, have a nice sunday.