adding 4 more tubes to stiffen up up the X axis carriage

I’m thinking about adding 2 additional aluminum tubes to the bottom wood plates and two additional aluminum 1x1" square aluminum tubes to the top X axis to stiffen up the whole assembly since I will be about 60" long for a 48" wide cutting width.
They add about 5 lbs weight and will only cost me $10 since I have tons of it.

I will just make the wood piece wider and drill in a couple of holes.

For the top I will stick tube nuts in the two round stainless tubes and put a piece of aluminum bar there.

It might look kind of wierd and if any hold down clamps are above the cutting surface too much they might get hit, but I think it should work.

Run it stock for a while. Mine is a 5 by 9 foot machine and I don’t have any issues with stiffness.



Yup, we have three machines in the last week that have milled steel in the stock config. Lets see some of the issues you are having and maybe we can get it sorted out.

appreciate the feedback. I will just make the wood plates bigger to begin with, that way I can easily add the aluminum tubes if I feel I need more rigidity is needed. Would suck to take the whole thing apart and recut bigger wood plates.