Act - run github actions locally

This is pretty neat, for anyone that uses github actions (The testing servers in github). It will let you test your github workflows locally (although I am not sure what kind of environment is required).

It might be useful if you were editing the v1docs workflows, to make sure they were still working, or building all of the marlinbuilder builds, especially if you were changing those workflows.

Probably not useful to most people, but a few people might find it very useful.

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Ooh. This is nice. I’ll have to play around with this more.

Our engineering team recently started moving all of our code validation tests out of jenkins and into github actions. (don’t ask me why they did it the other way, I wasn’t here when that decision was made).

We use Jenkins at work. We do that because we keep our code local and also GitHub actions weren’t invented when we chose that. Jenkins is… Not great.