Acrylic MP3DP Parts

Alex over at has made a batch of MP3DP parts, with my permission. I bought a set of acrylic parts and gave them a try. I like them, much better than My MDF build, and HDPE builds. Took forever to clean up my wires, twice as long as the actual build. The odd sized rods are from me salvaging them from an old crappy printer.

Have a look,


Is this an exact cut from your files or did they have to be modified to fit the slightly smaller size of the acrylic?

Looks great… I want to build one soon.

Dang that is sexy. I am jealous. I have my parts cut, just waiting to be painted and then assembled. I purchased a cricut so I can cut some vinyl decals to give it a little something extra. I have two sets of the 3d printed parts ready to go. I may end up building two machines (and then giving one to a guy here at work). I printed everything in Silver Hatchbox PLA for my first run and Yellow makergeeks PETG for the second build. I could not resist the sales makergeeks have been having recently. I bought 4 rolls of PETG for 60 shipped. Then of course they dropped that 20% off coupon a day after my first order so I ordered another 4 rolls for 48 bucks shipped (hard to beat). So I will have some printing to do once the MP3DP’s get built!

I made the printer so material thickness doesn’t matter, up to a point. If I was to redo it I would switch the direction I gave them to grow and then it wouldn’t matter at all. now if you go above 7.5mm I think you start to cut into y axis travel.

Thanks, I think it looks good as well. I was skeptical to let sell my parts, I am a bit of a perfectionist when my “reputation” is at stake. So far so good I am impressed.

I have wanted to love makergeeks so bad, I just received my forth order and it looks like I might be using them as a supplier now. Finally! The first three orders had shipping issues, and 1 a filament issue. I normally would never give a company a 3rd chance but I wanted there filament enough to try 4 times! When it gets here and is the right color their filament is very nice stuff. With PETG being the same price I will probably start offering it as an option on the printed parts.

Hmm. I can get 8mm phenolic… Which is a super rigid resin based material that they use for building exteriors. It stronger then aluminium. I don’t think I will be able to mill on my MPCNC.

What bit is the largest bit that the frame for MP3DP can be cut with on CNC?

All the screw holes, and radii are set up for an 1/8".

But…if you are not in a hurry. I just started CADing up a new printer last night, who knows how long it will take but it an option. Should be nothing new or special but I am going for sexy this time not minimal.

1/8 is perfect. That is the smallest bit that my Dads companies CNC has.

Sexy is good and I am in no rush… Looking for bigger then 200x200 tho… 300x300x300 would be sexy. Just a suggestion lol

I know there are some 200x300 beds but I haven’t seen any 300x300, do you have a link? I could try to incorporate the bolt pattern.

well shoot I think I will stop printing the parts for another 3D printer if you are possibly looking to release another into the wild. I am in no hurry (really just printing to be printing…) I will wait patiently :). You the man Ryan!

300x300 beds are made using a silcone heatbed, custom cut 300x300mm aluminium print surface, as for the carriage could just expand the current design.

But I did find this link 300x300 bed

Bed carriage

But if you are going for easy to source and build do 200x300.

I just threw some vinyl on my first frame. I could not come up with much other than finding a decent font and throwing it on there. I have some ideas for the front panel (simple yet gets the point across).


DAMMMMM!!! That looks bad ass. Grey and green are so perfect. Need to switch the site now, black and read are boring.

The original idea behind the printer was to make a video making all the parts on the cnc, printing, milling and then laser etching a nice design on the parts, and even cutting a few stickers as well. Basically showing all the major steps being done on the MPCNC. Turns out I needed to up production so I got straight to using it and never made the video.

Still time.

Thant looks awesome, put up some shots when your done. If you are using an aluminum bed I think I am going to make some firmware changes to turn down the bed bang bang. I fried another mosfet on an aluminum bed printer. I would much rather wait 1 more minute on warm up than re-solder another mosfet.

If you are having problems with the heated bed and aluminum plate I have a solution. I built a Mega Prusa with an aluminum bed and silicone heater attached to the bottom. The heater is 110 AC voltage and I use a cheap solid state relay wired into the ramps and plugged into a power strip. It works flawlessly. My bed is about 18 X 18 inches and I think the silicone heater is about 17 X 17 inches. You can see the pic of the printer attached. Let me know if you have questions about the set up.

Looks awesome in acrylic. Do you think you could design something like this using OpenJSCAD? Go here: , then scroll down to V1.2, click the gear, and select ‘Edit in OpenJSCAD’. You type in wood thickness, rod thickness, desired bed size in X and Y then on the left side change it from All Printer Assembly to just ‘walls and rod sizes’. It tells you the exact dimensions to cut all the wood, and the size of rods to get. Then it lets you download customized STLs for the exact thickness of wood you have.

I would love that for your design and maybe even for a version 2 of the MPCNC. Imagine somebody just inputting the size of their conduit/tubes, diameter of router, and desired bed size and it comes back with custom STLs and tells them the exact size to cut all their conduit tubing and belts.

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