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Here’s my build from Akron, OH

He’s a little background, 62 hrs old, former Software engineer now I do custom carpentry work and do ho.e remodeling. While shut down in Ohio I
researched the Lowrider2 for my retirement gig. I ordered the parts available at let time. While I waited for the Rambo 1.4 to be back in stock I read everything in the forums about the lowrider2. I purchased the endstops kit and touch point with my Rambo. I modified my table add grove for wheels. He’s where I’m lost :confused:. The endstop kits has 4 switches. I’ve seen where it takes 5 switches to auto square auto level. Where does the touch point come in?
I’ve modified the stepper motor cables to run independently. I hope this post was done right! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I’ve learned a lot from other posting!!!

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Hi Fred
Looks like you got to have alot of fun with that.
Good luck from Denmark