About the spindle choice!!!

Hello, I just ordered the complete Rambo Dual kit with LCD and additionnal stuff but I have a question about the spindle:

impossible to find the dewalt dw660 in Europe.

for the Kress I can only find the 1050 FME-1 is that a good choice?

If not when you talk about the import 400-800W spindles , what is it? can you give me an example? is it about Chinese spindle on banggood for example?



The kress would be about as good as it gets! As for the imports I have only heard that a 5 wire brushless is the best choice (500-800W). No hands on experience with either.


I will try to see what I can find as import spindle because the kress is around 250$

I looked into this not long ago and the Kress was the hands-down winner. But not easily acquired in North America.

certainly a god choice but very expensive and I read that it is a bit noisy…

chinese spindle are brushless until 500w max , 800w spindle are not brushless is it a problem?

what is the differences?

Some are keep looking for the ones with 5 wires, not 2.

Kress is very good, a bit more expensive but very good. I have a 1050 Fme-p which accepts Er16 collects (1 to 10 mm tool shank). Noise is acceptable, up to about 15krpm it is very silent. They also have a new one that can be controlled by 0-5v controller, instead of the built in controller. So you can control rpm with gcode.

thanks but can’t find the one with external controller for control rpm with gcode. Have you an idea of the ref of this spindle?


This one, I can't find it on other sites though..

:sunglasses: thanks