About the GRBL category

Discussions about any of the grbl varieties are a good fit here.

As you may know, Marlin is the preferred firmware around here, but grbl is another excellent option. It comes in a few varieties:

The main grbl code is a long living, stable project with great CNC\laser support. It can be run on boards like the arduino cnc shield.

grbl_esp32 is designed for the esp32 boards designed by Bart Dring. They are well supported and have a built in webserver.

grbl for rambo is a fork of the main grbl code. This version is adapted to work on ultimachine rambo boards by our own John Boiles. It includes dual endstops.

Please post topics related to any of these, or other grbl versions and make it clear which grbl you are using. There are several daily forum users that use grbl and can help if you have issues.