About end stops wiring i need exact setup for lr3

**i need exact setup of end stops i looked at your documention neither does shows correct info to y2 and z2 im using mks gen 1.4 board similar to ramps 1.4 so end stops and stepper z2 and y2 i flashed one of marlin for dual steppers from ramps

the reason is which left and right side is y2 and z2 as facing the whole assembly where the router is facing me as front

A recent post suggested the Lowrider endstop configuration might vary by board, so in order to be absolutely sure, you would need to provide us with what firmware you used as the base configuration, and a list of any changes you made concerning the endstops. According to the Lowrider endstop documents, the typical wiring is:


This image is from this page, and it is what I would expect from a Ramps or Ramps-like board.

If you are concerned about orientation, you need to provide us with a drawing, or a labeled picture of your machine. If you get the orientation wrong, your routing will be mirrored.

i flashed one of marlin for dual steppers from ramps

If you are building the LowRider, you need to start with one of the firmware versions with ‘LR’ in the title. Specifically, start with V1CNC_Ramps_DualLR.


**yea thats the one i was looking for …fyi which side is y1 and y2 same for z1 and z2 left or right?

I find it easiest to think about the coordinates for the LowRider in portrait configuration:


gotcha y1 and z1 is on the left side thanks

The side is not important, just making sure Z1 stepper is on the same side as the Z1 endstop. Same with Y.