A version for pipes of 25mm ?

Hello vicious1

I am a new fan of your ZenXY, and I am on the way to build one.

My main problem is that I am french, and in France (and I think everywhere in Europe, except in UK), it is very difficult to buy iron pipes with a diameter of 23.5 mm. It is only possible to find aluminium pipes in this diameter, but I am afraid it will not be a good idea to use iron bearings on aluminium pipes.

So, my question is: do you consider to adapt your models for pipes of 25 mm? Or, if not, what is the most important to modify and to keep in your model if I want to try to update the files myself?

Thank you very for your work, it is a very pretty machine, I would like to build one.


Hi Jean-Marc,

I have a similar problem being Germany based.

What we also have available are 22mm stainless steel tubing for potable water.

In order to accomodate that I made a remix of Vicious1 work on Thingiverse.

I uploaded the SCAD and some .stl already, maybe you can start of as a first beta tester :slight_smile:


do you have the possibility to print the parts for yourself?

Best regards