A little weekend carving

I went into the weekend looking to try some new toolpaths and see if I could make any clean designs to put up for sale over the next few weeks and came up with a few things. There’s a little consignment store here that will let you rent a bookshelf for like $40 per month and then sell your products for you. My wife’s into Cricut and sublimation products and I’m trying to fill out a few designs I can batch out and then possibly customize to add to the shelves.

I feel like painted surfaces with engraving have been very popular recently, so thought I’d try my hand at it. Unfortunately, this is the time at which I found out my paint gun decided to quit, so it was a leftover aerosol can of hammered silver and the old school paint brush back in action.

My wife is a big fan of New Orleans and the fleur-de-lis design in general, so I painted up some boards and threw a 90-degree v-bit at them to see how they came out. (Have I mentioned that the SpeTool 1-inch wide 60 and 90 degree V-Bits are non-conductive? Yah, totally added a new wrinkle there, but I pushed through it.)

The first was a little more intricate and shallow (my wife’s vote)

The second was a deeper cut with a lot of contrast with the plywood layers.

We’re also dog owners and figured a little customized door sign might be a nice thing to make.

Totally jacked up the first one by leaving the 90-degree V-bit in the collet instead of changing to the 60-degree bit…

I didn’t have time to re-paint the other side, just flipped it over, chucked up the right bit and went back to work to see if the name spacing looked better. Now I can make some font and position changes.

In either case, I think the paw prints came out great!

I’m practicing on plywood and MDF, but I think the painted MDF surface looks cleaner. I also picked up some 4/4 and 5/4 boards of ash, cherry, maple, oak, sapele and walnut for the real stuff. I may go with raw hardwood surface with painted or epoxy engravings. I ordered some Oramask that’ll be here this coming weekend, so hopefully I’ll learn a little more then.


Heck yeah those look great.