A few things I’ve made!

Haven’t been on in a while, been busy just playing with the MPCNC and trying to figure it out!


Those look really good.

I’ve been wanting to cut some of the little wooden cars out. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

CNC bandsaw anyone?

IDK, bandsaws seem more art and technique than precision.

I’m amazed at how often I’ll use my bandsaw. I use it quite a bit if I need to rip stock that’s wider than what my tablesaw can handle in one pass.


The reason I use the CNC for these is they are made by cutting out 2 “3/4 pieces and gluing them together. The CNC consistently cuts the parts to the same size and reduces the amount of sanding needed to make the parts match.

Also when making 20 cars it’s a whole lot easier with the CNC!


Edit: I had a question but staring a little longer answered it for me! :slight_smile:

Love your work!


Agreed. I’d use the cnc too.

Looks awesome! How do you do your color filling? Paint and wipe with mineral spirits, or sand it down?

Painted by hand with acrylic paints and stain. I cover them with Oramask , cut them out, and then paint them by hand. But I’m slowly learning how to do it more efficiently.

It is a hobby so there is an aspect of it where I’m just relaxing listening to music and painting!


Here’s a way to make a template guide for a bandsaw (think flush trim bit for the router table).

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