A few projects milled with the MPCNC Primo


I completed my MPCNC about a year ago.

In the meantime I have completed a few projects, mostly gifts and some parts for the playground in our village. I learned a lot and am still learning. I would like to show you a selection.

I hope there aren’t too many pictures for you. Best regards.


It is never too many! Next time if you split them up we can feature more of them in the gallery, Topics tagged gallery-mpcnc


Very nice!!!

You need to work on your shop safety though.

That beer is dangerously close to the edge of the bench. :grin:

And no coaster… geez :rofl::laughing:

Hello Ryan,

That is of course correct, I will remember it.

Hello Matt,

The garage is still under construction, there is still a lot to do there.

And my beer is always safe :rofl:.


Nice! How long is your mpcnc? Looks huge!

I had planned 80x60 cm, but the working area is actually a little smaller.
The candle arch (without base) is 75 cm wide.
The African woman consists of three parts and is 175 cm high.

I see thank you!
What tutorial did you end up using, to make a workpiece that is 3x as big as your working area?

Or did you use 3 independent parts?
(I’ve read you can you one single part and „move“ it three times to make a part that is 3 times as long as your working area)

I didn’t have a tutorial, I tried how it could be done.
I also read the variant with moving the plywood. But my template was already in three parts and I just glued it together.
I used it from here, but without the frame.

Some amazing and beautiful work! Keep it up !!