A few more carvings I made from LowRider V2

Still learning here, but I got some good results.

This one’s 30"x30" and still need some finishing

Finished a few more, I snapped a bit here, had to switch to waterline in estl


Amazing, Got any information on workflow, bits, etc? Have not done any carvings yet.

Yeah, these look great! I second the request for additional details. Also did you design those yourself or download?

Wow. So much detail. Was that the low rider or the mpcnc?

Using ESTL Cam on Lowrider V2, in marlin text config I have preprocess
M203 X25 Y25 Z6 (or Z4 if I want to be really conservative), I noticed ESTL CAM ignores the F(z) speed in 3d carving, it’s always using the F(xy) causing me lots of skipping issues in Z axis. So I limit the z speed.

All my roughing pass I use a 1/4 upcut spiral bit (RU2075 Whiteside) (3mm depth per pass, 10mm/sec feedrate)

For finer details like the dog (Adder) and horse (Maple) Finishing pass I use a 2mm diameter tapered ballnose from amazon (need to be careful with those high walls) https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01N4DJKHL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Speed: 15mms Stepover: 10%

For the bigger fish (Euro Beech) Finishing pass I use a 1/8 diameter ballnose from amazon (YG1 brand)
Speed: 15mms Stepover: 20%, lots of additional sanding after but it’s fine otherwise it;s going to take forever to finish.

I was pushing it with Z8 speed and 20mms feedrate but I get random skips, I ruined part of the fish. I had to create another part and just glue them together.

For STLs I just grabbed some cheap ones off Etsy so I can learn to carve. You may notice I’m trying different wood types too.


And when you decide to really try hard, you be sure to let us know.



Very nice, some of the deeper carves I have seen, great detail!

Curious if you’ve experimented with the different machining direction schemes EstlCam offers and settled on one as the best? Or if the shape of the carve dictates which to use?

I’ve have settled on the X parallel, the waterline takes too long.


Thanks! I have a 1/4" Whiteside upcut bit and just ordered a tapered ball-end bit. I want to make some chips and see how it turns out.


Hello. I’ve done some similar carve.
here some diffrent finish

Color- DayNightPic - NightKing Game of Thrones

Color - DayNightPic - Angel on Bridge

Finish with Oil: Present for Marriage and new House

Gold leaf and Color: Phönix VS Dragon

Have fun with your carves.


I am very impressed. Being a newbie as I am, I can only hope to ever be able to do that

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Love it! How have you learned to do this kind of carving? What would you recommend to a beginner with a newly built LR3? Do you have suggestions how I can transform 2D images of my pet into something 3dish like your results?