9mm GT2 belt source? Will 6mm work?

Anyone have a good source for the 9mm GT2 belt? Looks like it’s $30 on Amazon and more importantly it takes a while for shipping.

Yesterday I spent about 10 hours expanding my table but while I was prepared for the expansion in the x-axis (left the rest of the belt spooled up at one end) I didn’t make similar preparations for the y-axis which I mistakenly thought was long enough and is instead about 10 inches short on each side. :frowning:

Also, will 6mm work ($10 and Prime) or is it not worth the risk?

Btw, I’ve got 2 lightly used 44" tubes if anyone wants them. I paid a fortune for them but I’ll obviously let them go under market price. I’ve got a shipping tube from my 60" tubes I can cut down and use to ship them. Lmk if anyone is interested.

Thank you!

For the Y axis you can just move up the stop blocks until you get the belts in the mail. 6mm will work in a pinch but If you have to buy some only buy 9-10mm.

I should have more in stock in 26th or so.


Thanks Ryan. For now I have the original length mounted so it’s usable, I just have a design that will take advantage of the full sheet size so I can’t cut it yet… I’ll be patient and wait. :slight_smile:

Hey George, while you can, take pictures of all the stuff under the plastic. After a few jobs, it’s all going to be the same shade of wood dust, so the pictures will help finding stuff. :wink:

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I’ve already cut a bunch of stuff and I’m not seeing an accumulation yet. Maybe my dust collection is working better than average?