9-axis 32-bit Marlin board

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone use one of these yet, so I’ll be the guinea pig.

I got it on Aliexpress for about CAD100 including 9 TMC2130 drivers. It also has SD card and LCD support, 6 PWN fans, 6 digital outputs, 7 thermistor inputs, servo/BL touch, an expansion port for 3 more steppers LOL.

Anyways, I’ll let you know how it goes.


Whats it called? What is the motherboard config for Marlin? I’m guessing it’s intended for 6 extruders?

Or maybe one extruder, but the whole thing is on a walking robot :slight_smile:


I doubt marlin will work on it. I thought marlin has a max of 3 fans and only x y z and two E motors.

I should say I am excited about the board but I don’t know how marlin will work on it.

I’ve only seen it called FLY. The Marlin board config is BOARD_FLYF407ZG.
I’ll separate X1, X2, Y, Z1, Z2, and then I still have steppers left if I want to add extruders, a turntable, a manipulator, powered wheels… :slight_smile:

I do like the idea of a walking robot that spits filament.


I doubt marlin will work on it.

It should work fine for a basic CNC or 3DP setup. Using all those outputs on the other hand would definitely require some firmware customization.

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Someone has set up a six-extruder setup before and implemented mixing in https://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/M165.html

It might take some digging to find the settings but you would not be blazing a new trail. You should be able to reproduce the work that has already been done.

But now if you want to do something other than multi-extruder then yes that will be some original work.

I’ve always had a desire to get a Kraken quad extruder head up and running (not totally sure why because I’m sure they are a huge pain but 4 colors just sounds so cool). Anyway, one of my gripes was always that the board would cost an arm and a leg without doing some interesting stepper expansion boards, but they how do you control 4 nozzle heaters a bed without that many connections?

Anyway, this board would have relatively cheaply solved that problem. Now that BigTree has the GTR out I would likely go that route over this, but I’m curious your experience even with it running a cnc and not a printer.

Marlin 2.0.1 has support for 6 extruders baked in…

//#define X_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
//#define Y_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
//#define Z_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
//#define X2_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
//#define Y2_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
//#define Z2_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
//#define Z3_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
//#define E0_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
//#define E1_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
//#define E2_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
//#define E3_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
//#define E4_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
//#define E5_DRIVER_TYPE A4988

So I have also bought this same board. But I can’t find any docs about it at all, and when plugged into my computer both the board and the computer do not register anything. The board will have the 3v and the 5v lights turn on but no blinking as if its booting.

I know that some boards have jumpers that need to be set for the USB to work. But since I can’t find any docs about it I am unsure if I should just start jumping pins and hoping I find the right combo.

Anyways if you get this to work please share.

Do you have the 12V powered up too? Some boards wont fully power from usb. Just a shot in the dark.

I thought of that after I posted but seems like I have the same results. I saw something about some boards not coming with a bootloader. I guess this kinda works like a BIOS of a computer. Could that be missing?

If so I was not able to find the ICSP or ISP pins that would be needed to upload new code. This is the marlin high res photos I was able to find from git. If you can find those pins or some other thing that might be needed to make this thing boot, you are better at reading the photos than me.
Looks like I can’t add links to this forum so you will need to go to
github . com /FLYmaker/FLYF407ZG/tree/master/picture

I found the same issue. It does not appear to have a bootloader, as the OS does not acknowledge it when plugged in to USB. I contacted the seller and also filed a dispute with Aliexpress before time ran out. I haven’t had time to try programming or see if its possible.

If I don’t get my money back, I still paid less than buying the Trinamic drivers alone, so not a total loss.

All true but still sad, considering all of what this board offers. :frowning:

So I kinda feel dumb at this point. The reason I say that is I was so close to the answer I just didn’t see it.

So the github kinda link I gave before was basically the answer to my own question.
I just needed to go to this url.
github . com /FLYmaker/f407bootloader
and not this
github . com /FLYmaker/FLYF407ZG/tree/master/picture

Once at the correct url you have 4 options one of them being bootloader. Inside is a hex file, this is the next road block I have hit.
I have spent a large amount of my night trying to get this hex files to work on the sd card but am not able to. From my understanding to compile the code you need the parameters of the hardware its being put on or things will not work correctly. If one of you know how to do this please just point me in the right direction.

If you connect it via usb. Does the sd card try to mount as a usb drive?

This is very sparse on documentation… I am not sure hoe to tell if it even has the bootloader installed.


@housewright30 did you see something that suggested that a bootloader could be programmed from the SD card?

Thanks for that link to the bootloader. Worst case I can solder some leads to the IC.

I got a reply from the seller.

Hello friends, please update your firmware with SD card After Marlin 2.0 is compiled, put the firmware into the memory card and insert it on the motherboard. If you power on the motherboard, the firmware will be automatically updated.