80/20 rail for the y axis

My workbench has 80/20 10 series running the length of each side, wold it be possible to use the wheels like the one in the picture for the y axis.i would really like to keep the 80/20 on the table it’ll still be my workbench when the Lowrider is not in use

Worth a shot! If not, skate wheels should ride in the groove as well.

I like it. I would consider putting a strip of something inside to keep dirt out of the track. It also will need to be very parallel so it doesn’t bind.

One end-run on the parallelism issue is to only constrain one side of the gantry with a wheel-in-track. Put a strip in the slot on the other side and run a skate wheel. Or put the skate wheel inboard enough to ride on the table itself.

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Both sides of that table have the rail

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Part of the ease of the LR is not needing a perfect table or perfect rails. CNC’s by design can and kind of are over constrained and get all sorts of issues. If your table rails are within a few mm you should be okay.

You could end up with one of the best LR’s out there, or it is just not perfect enough to work. 100% worth a shot! Keeping that channel clear is going to be an issue as well but I am sure there are some easy solutions to that.

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