7 Inch Android 4.4x tablets


A friend had these two tablets and doesn’t want them anymore. They are older tablets but should work fine with Jackpot tablet controllers.

The white one is a Samsung Tab 3 Lite (model SM-t110) with 8GB of storage. Android 4.4.2 very clean and comes with a neoprene sleeve.

The black one is Dell Venue 7 (model 3740) with 16GB of storage. this is a tablet that uses an Intel Atom for the processor. Android 4.4.4, also very clean with neoprene sleeve.

I’d like to get $25 for each, plus shipping, and each one can easily fit in a USPS small flat rate box, so shipping in the US is less than $10.

Let me know if you’re interested in one of them.

Mike B.

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Those look pretty sweet as a controller. The 10" I have is a bit big, so I figure a 7-8" would be ideal.

No takers?

Let’s give it a bit more time. If no one steps up I will take them. These seem perfect for a Jackpot board. I can easily make use of them.

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I just tried to use these to connect to the Jackpot and found that the installed version(s) of Android may not support the AP mode on the board. I’ll do a little more research, but for the moment I can’t recommend these for tablet controllers with the Jackpot.

Symptoms are that connecting through the WiFi as a router(SSID = FluidNC) results in two or three different behaviors depending on the tablet/Android version. I also can get an iPad to connect, but with yet another behavior.

I guess I’m not quite sure if the AP or STA/AP mode will work better. USB is fine.

I’ll get back as soon as I figure out if it is my setup, or the tablet(s)’ limitation.


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Hmmm, I would think AP would be no problem, but that is a very old version of android. That is a good data point.

Android often has conniptions about connecting to wifi where there is no DNS resolution (No Internet) available.

I used to have tablets connect to a wifi sporce without Internet (Only supposed to access a corporate network to be able to get to a web service for the Inventory system) and I had to give ot a return for a couple of DNS names or else the tablets would drop the network. Pretty sure I just had it return for google.com, but I remember needing a couple more names so the tablet thought it had Internet. I remeber bei g quite annoyed at the idea of having to give something better than a tablet to the warehouse guys, so I watched traffic on port 53 using wireshark.

Do the tablets connect to the internet via a regular home wifi network without issues? If so, I would be interested in the black one.

@aeversme ,

Yes they connect just fine, here is the black one connected and showing the forum:


Nice. I’ll take the black one. Let me know how to get money to you.


Private message sent.


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