65mm spindle attachment?

I’ve been searching for a 65 mm spindle attachment piece to print out for the tool holder… anyone have any links to one?



I know of this thing, which might help:


thank you will give that a shot too…

I did find this design which i really liked that has the fusion 360 file included so I can modify it for a 65mm spindle … however

I literally just spent an hour and half trying to modify this which I thought would be super simple but i’m obviously terrible at fusion 360 because i know someone could modify this in about 30 seconds if they knew what they were doing lol.


anyone good with fusion that’s willing to modify this ?




Probably a bit late.
That mount looks like it’s going to have problems. The bolts do not sit flat against the mount and would put additional strain on one side with a risk of splitting.

Both the entry and exit sides should be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the bolts.

The OpenSCAD one satisfies those, parallel and perpendicular, requirements. not sure of the rest.

And I’m trying to design a 65mm mount (out of wood) as I only have a CNC router and not a printer. I’ve made quite a few 2D DXF for extruding mpcnc parts in fusion to use as a guide or as a cutting tool.