611 router replacement in Australia

Does anyone in Australia know what the best option would be for a router that can be bought? There’s a few 710W 1/4" trim routers available. Are they too small/weak for the job?


Thanks John

That should be plenty.

Thanks. Really cheap at around $60. I was thinking I’d spend over $200 for a router. Spindles are more expensive

The 240v version of the Dewalt 611 is the D26204K but they’re damn pricey, about AUD$400! https://products.dewalt.com.au/powertools/productdetails/catno/D26204K/

The other contender is Makita, the Aus version being the RT0700CX at closer to $200: https://www.makita.com.au/products/power-tools/categories/specialty-woodworking/rt0700cx-6-35mm-1-4-router

I don’t think the price difference is so great in the US versions. Here is a good comparison between the Dewalt & Makita from the Shapeoko guys: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Spindle_Overview#Rotary_Spindle_Options

Including this video comparison from. Winston Moy: https://youtu.be/5h8o2Id1iLE

If you’re on a super tight budget, you can make one of the cheapies work with a bit of tinkering, but I reckon I’d just go with the Makita & be done with it.

Out of curiosity, which other trim routers where you looking at?

And just to clarify, I don’t own the Makita. But it’s on my short list for a possible Lowrider build.

I actually have one of those 850W Ozito’s on which I modified the plunge base so that it could be bolted to my router table. Had it for years and I reckon I paid $50 or less on special. It’s a bit agricultural, but it’s made short work of everything I’ve thrown at it. The only reason I wouldn’t consider it in this application is it seems a bit too big & heavy. https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-850w-router_p6290281

Check out if there’s the Katsu 101748 available somewhere in AU.

I don’t know what happened but the post I posted was not there, so…

Anyway as I was saying, Michael, I’m talking about these cheap routers as picture attached.

SQLException, the second screenshot shows a simillar one to what you’ve suggested but there’s not brand name so can’t be sure.

It would be interesting to know how well these cheap ones will do when put to work. Are they really 700W?? Lots of questions. I can get a makita 700W for $229, yet these cheap ones are no more than $70. You probably get what you pay for I guess, but being only a hobby for me, I have alot of Ozito tools and haven’t yet let me down.

Any advice would be very welcomed[attachment file=“Screenshot_89.png”]
[attachment file=“Screenshot_90.png”]

AUD$39 shipped, damn! They look like Makita clones. For that price you’ve got nothing to lose. I will be buying one myself in the new year, that’s insane.

For sure corners will be cut to get it down to that price. But that’s a very cheap gamble even if you have to replace it with a other 1 (or 3) prematurely. Worse case you get a Makita later on if it’s a total dog.

Exactly what I was thinking, not much of a gamble really

Worse comes to worse, you could always use it as a trim router… :wink:

It won’t go to waste!

Just ordered this[attachment file=80306]

Just ordered this[attachment file=80310]