611 plate universal mount

i thought i saw somewhere where someone to the universal mount from mpcnc and added a ring on the bottom that fit the 611 plate mounting holes of the lowrider v2 but i cant seem to find the stl for it and i was wondering if someone might be able to make one, that way i can use my spindle and all the other accessories for the mpcnc on the lowrider.

This is the only one I remember. It mounted on the extra Y motor mounts on the LR1. I don’t remember one on the LR2:

i found this. this is like what im talking about

cant find an stl file tho. this was on the forum from 2017

another pic

the forum topic was {im-working-on-a-dw660-mount-for-the-low-rider/} from 2017

Found this. Looks like it’s still a work in progress…