611_plate and m4 screw hole

I did mill the 611_plate directly from dxf file on a x-carve and dimensions came out correctly, but the holes for the tubing brackets are way too large and the m4 screw just goes right through them and even if I put a washer it has a big give that the part bounces side to side. Did anyone encountered this and would have a fix?
I did not convert dxf, just imported directly to x-carve easel web sw and carved it.

Actually, I just measured and the 611_plate holes are for m7 screws, not m4.

Ok, I think I did figure it out, but do not know what is the answer, when configuring the milling, should I cut inside, on, outside shape path? I used default that is outside and it made the hole bigger, now I will have to print a filler for the holes.
What is the correct setting for milling SW? It would be good to have defined somewhere and if it is where would it be?
I am just out of womb when it comes to milling, so extremely novice.

I believe for your question about Inside, ON, or Outside when milling is ever based on the answer “It depends.” Usually, if you are cutting out a part, you would cut Outside so the part retains it’s dimensions. If you are cutting a hole or inside a part, then you would use Inside to keep the dimensions of the hole. ON would be used if you want the cutter to trace the line exactly as it were, so the dimensions (inside and outside) will be half the diameter of the bit smaller/bigger. I hope that makes sense!

Id does. Thanks a lot.