60mm inline wheels + - ??


It seems a bit hard to find 60 mm inlines online!

What plus minus range is OK for the wheels like 70 mm or just 62mm in plus or like 50mm 0r 59mm in minus diff’s?

Thx for any advice!

The ones suggested from Amazon at the link doesn’t deliver to Sweden!

+/- 3mm is fine any larger and you will need to compensate by raising your work surface. These 59-60mm wheels are commonly called hockey wheels.

The 59/60mm wheels are more commonly used in goalie skates where they have 5 wheels per skate, or in kid’s skates. I play inline hockey and my skates take 68mm/72mm sizes.


I think inline warehouse is pretty expensive, since you’re not going to be skating on them. I also don’t know if they ship to Sweden. Maybe there’s a similar retailer in Sweden? It would be great if we could find some from alibaba or something like that.

They may be a little flashy, but I found these pretty easily on aliexpress.com. Looks like there were plant of options for 60mm wheels…