6 years of V1!

As always this is only possible because of you amazing people. V1 Engineering and all that comes with it has been at it for 6 full years. WOW.

I don’t use any of the same charts as in some of the previous years…and I have been scrambling so much I missed the 5-year update. How crazy is that.

So the last two years have brought us, the community Docs, the new discourse forums, The Primo MPCNC, and we are on the verge of a new ZenXY. Ever evolving and progressing, amazing.

So basically this is a whole new V1 in the last couple of years.

Here are some numbers for my fellow chart lovers.

This is the website traffic over time, that dip is when the forums left the site and got hosted separately.

Here is the forum traffic alone. Starts when the chart above first dips. So basically if you combine these two it skyrockets Dec 2019.

Most impressively, here are the Doc’s traffic. Look at how many people use this instruction manual. RTFM…taken to a whole new level.

Shop traffic seems odd to me, but it is keeping me extremely busy, even though I brought on the first of hopefully many, international partners.

This is beyond fun, The forums, facebook, all the social posts. In the best of ways I feel like I am driving this thing less and less and just along for the ride. You are all helping to steer this now more than ever.


I can’t think of anything better that could be said of what (hopefully) pays your bills! CONGRATULATIONS!

And you’re directly responsible for many others having fun too! :grin:


Credit where credit is due - give yourself a pat on the back too! I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but I’m happy to assist in the small ways I’m able, but I truly feel I’m just following the vibe that was here when I arrived and “doing what I can to help the ball club.”


@vicious1 congrats.
May you have many more.
May you learn from your mistakes
May you enjoy what you’ve done right
May the next 6 be even better than the last 6
And of course thank you


6 years? What !? Amazing work Ryan! Amazing work V1 Crew!


Make sure you keep that photo, you can use it in three more years :slight_smile:


The numbers are truly impressive and I do need to agree with @ttraband, “give yourself a pat on the back” you deserve it! You are the reason for the 6 years of success.



You are the driving force Ryan, without your commitment to the initial design and to doing it right it would never have turned out as well as it has. The rest of just ride the wave, you are the ocean. :slight_smile:


See, you are all so awesome. You all make this very easy to want to keep doing.


:partying_face: congratulations Ryan! I wish I had joined the party sooner. Here’s to many more to come. Best wishes!


When I got into this a few years ago, I thought this had been going on for ages - considering the solidity of the project. Funny to think that this all still somehow quite young, but on the other hand - how much time have actually passed and what an amazing progress that v1 has made!

This is truly a great achievement @vicious1! Not only have you got the brains to figure this out - but you also have the social skills and business/project management skills to make it grow like this. All the stuff that has been made, and this thriving community is a proof to that. You really deserve a vacation :smiley:


I feel like Kevin from the office when everyone has said congratulations and then he says this!


Has it been SIX years?!!!
Thank you❤️

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