4ft x 4ft which kit?

Im looking to make a cnc at the size of 4 feet by 4 feet. Is there any dramatic downsides of choosing that size? Second, why is the dual endstop something not recommended to a novice? Does it require more tuning? Also does the kit provide enough belt to accompany a 4x4 foot build? Lastly what is the best choice for the best cnc conduit or stainless steel? And what size of the OD of the tubing? Also is PLA really enough for the parts? Thanks

Why this size specifically and what do you intend on doing with it.

For all the questions you have it would be best to have a look at all these pages in order and see if they don’t all get cleared up.

Home menu, MPCNC, Pages 1-6 and the pages that each contain.

I want to make it 4x4ft so Im not limited in whatever i tend to make. I do intent to use it with hard wood and aluminum. Is it too big for that?


That is a dangerous but common way to think. If that is the case a 4’x8’ LowRider covers all your bases. You should really stick to a small build to learn how to use all the new tools and software. It is extremely simple to make it bigger at a later date, but extremely difficult to learn on a giant machine.

See these links for that said in more words.