483 package

What is all included in the 483 package?

To what are you referring?

You have it $483 total package what does it all include? Dewalt router, knife, what board? I’m looking at buying tomorrow want to know please

Do you have a link? That could be so many combinations of things. Mpcnc? Low rider? MP3DP? Zen?

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Want to do mpcnc. What do I all need to order? Do I need to order dewalt router else where? Wanting to to router and knife. I seen on website $483. Just want to make sure i order right thing.

Take a look at the parts page and the MPCNC page. You will need to do some homework before ordering. Starting with checking locally to see what kind of tubing you can get.


Please give us the link that you are referring to. I am not seeing anything on MPCNC shop that Ryan has set up that adds up to that.

  1. You have to source/buy the spindle on your own. Recommended is the DeWalt 660

  2. Before purchasing from Ryan’s shop any kind of bundle of parts, you have to decide what size tubing/conduit you are using. The basic part in the US is 3/4" EMT conduit (meant to carry electric wires) as the cheapest and easiest option. Use this to get your lengths. Default size seems small, but it is recommended. that will give you a 24x24 exterior build and easier enough to store and get started with. You can always buy more conduit and make it bigger. This small footprint also makes it much easier to get a table and spoil board for it. 24x24 3/4" in MDF is cheap and easy to use.

  3. Assuming you have 3/4" EMT available, you must then decide on printing your own 3D printed parts (download the Burly “C” version which is 23.5mm outside diameter pipe corresponding to the EMT 3/4". Or you can purchase the correct parts bundle matching your conduit size for Ryan’s shop.

  4. Then you choose the MPCNC parts bundle with the hardware, including bearings, nuts, motors, belts, leadscrew and that will give you an option to purchase the control board. and power supply You will need to choose your tool mount parts at this time to match your intended router and the drag knife holder.

  5. Purchase bits from Ryan, single flute upcut 1/8" carbide endmill and then the drag knife.

Am I missing anything?


I think I see where you are getting that number. It’s an estimate of what it can be built for. He’s not actually selling the full thing. You can buy the parts bundle and the printed items bundles from him, as well as the Full Graphic Smart Controller, and carving bits (and many other accessories and parts to add more functionality).

You will need to source the conduit locally, as well as find and purchase a spindle separately.

All and all, you will end up with an amazing machine, for way less than it would cost to get a comparable machine that is pre-built. But even better, you will get an amazing community of people (Including Ryan) who are available to answer all of your questions, for less than $500!!!


Which is less than 1-2 hours of a decent/high class consort/consultant… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: