40watt diode laser in mpcnc

Ive added a laser to my machine and am using lightburn…just doing a simple test but the laser wont turn on. I push the button on top it does a dull blue light does the square outline but no laser

Grbl fluidnc…machine moves fine just no laser

What control board? Jackpot? Post up your config.

There are also some things you need to do. You need to know what your firmware is using for laser power scale. 0-255 is pretty common, and is usually the LB default, but I for example use 0-1000. So if LB says “25% power” and uses S64 as a parameter, I’ll get 6.4% power which doesn’t actually do much. Even 100% power from LB would then give me only 25.5% so I had to tell LB to use the 0-1000 scale.

So a “dull blue light” might be a power scale problem.

We’ll need more information to accurately troubleshoot.

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