4 inch Dust Collection STL

Hey, does anyone out there have a STL file for a 4" hose dust collection attachment for the MPCNC - I cant find anyting out there that will work.

I’m currently using a 500w spindle (52mm)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Why? That’s way too big. a 1.25 - 1.5" hose is plenty. You also don’t want all that weight dragging on your XY motors. Just get a reducer and use a smaller hose.

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Some of us have real dust collectors, and necking them down to that small kills the suction. Dust collector hoses aren’t that heavy for short distances, and most likely it’s going to be hanging from the ceiling anyway. I haven’t gotten around to designing one yet. I want to figure out how to lose as little X/Y as possible, so I’m thinking of squishing it to an oval.


Whilr I agree with Barry, I think a 2.5" is probably good enough. You could keep the 4" until just about the plate, then have a 2.5" splitter and have on go to the plate. I do this with my band saw.

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I made myself a diy (nice) dust collection system and would like to actually use it haha…

Just as a FYI, I’m using a printed dust shoe with 1.25" flex hose to 1.5" black plumbing pipe into a bucket and out to a 3.5HP shop vac and it’s doing a decent job extracting the dust. And with MPCNC, the bigger your material-level hose is, the more x/y distance you lose, since it has to go past the rails somehow.

I’m just choking my 4" down to the 1.5" right as it goes into the enclosure. Yes, it chokes down the dust collector, but it still works better (and is quieter) than my shop vac.

I don’t know but when I go to 1.5 inch hose off my dust collector it sounds like a elk bugle and squeal very loud the 2.5 inch is OK but i loose some vac but get the elk in the basement :wink:

You might need to dial down your motor speed. (same controller for changing a zip cutter speed will work on a dust extractor fan)

My DC is a modified Harbor freight that I added a dust deputy to.

I’m not sure we can use a dimmer switch on the HF dust collector.

I’m pretty sure dust collectors rely on air velocity to move material, slowing down the motor wouldn’t have the effect you want. What about a 1.25 venturi off the 4"?

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what you need are multiple holes of different diameters. Then you can tune the sound by opening and closing the different holes like a flute :slight_smile:


The harmony is the cutting speed the combination is amazingly annoying :grinning:

Heh, just use pool hose if you want a musical instrument. Well, it’s music to a banshee anyway.