4" duct adapter

Still playing around with the design for this… it’s really challenging getting a 4 inch hose on without recutting the carriage plate.



I bet that’s gonna suck. :wink:


Hopefully not too much. With that big flat area, it’s pretty easy to suck the whole assembly down to the table.

heh. that’d make all your cuts a full depth cut :slight_smile:

Or, you could use the vacuum as a pick-a-part machine for after you cut the parts.

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That’s awesome… How are you going to print it? Supports?

Yeah… my duct fan is mighty and it’s in two parts but I’d rather be safe than sorry printing big stuff.
Printing tomorrow ! I’ll use up some of my cheaper PLA… I will be printing this more than once unless I get real lucky.

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Turned out really well… works better than my shop vac and quieter.
Here’s the file if anyone wants to print one.



Good lord. Now I know why thingiverse is so slow. They use that stupid thing for their 404 page SMH

Hmm. yeah they seem to be having problems with their site.
I just tried re-publishing it maybe give it another shot… it shows up for me.

Works now… and I must say. That’s awesome. Now I’m really wanting to build a LR2. Maybe I should build a small 2’x4’ one and then make it larger later on… I’m sure I could gut all the hardware from my MPCNC for it.

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Can you post some pictures on how you have the hose managed on your setup? I have a 4-inch HF setup but don’t use it because the flow is so restricted. I’d like to and this looks like a good solution, but I’d have to figure out how to manage the hose.

Right now I have 4" pvc pipe along the ceiling connected to a hose that drops to the low rider.
It covers the full 4 foot width of the table but not the length. I ordered some pocket door sliders going to try and rig something up to handle the length but not there yet.

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I’ve seen people rig up a hinged arm that is mounted to the wall at the mid point to the machine. Use solid ducting along the arm. Use a hose where the hinge is so it can flex and then use the hose dropped down from the end of the arm to the machine. You’d need a pretty strong hinge.

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This looks pretty cool!

Would like to see it if you don’t mind.

Is this just a single swing arm or is it jointed in the middle like what’s shown below (for illustrative purposes only)

My V1 lowrider on my V1 table. Don’t be me and make your table out of metal studs, they’re not stiff enough.

Here’s mine… pretty low tech just hooks from the ceiling.
When my door slider comes I’m hoping to rig up a way to have the hose follow the length of the table.

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That’s it… Barry’s is the one I was thinking of.