3rd 1.5kw spindle ordered

After my first spindle got water inside because of a leaky shed my second one is now too hot to touch. I think next time I will blow it out after every use.

I’m thinking the air vents where blocked. Am I correct?

Motor spinning but bit is not.

Sounds like a burned out bearing.


Just tried after it cooled down and it’s spinning again but can’t trust it. I’ll put a test through it later now it’s been blown out.

Do you know if you can change the bearings?

No clue. I have one that I bought for a different CNC build that I haven’t even started yet. It’s still sitting on the shelf in a box. I think I bought the water cooled one, though.

Good luck with your build, hope it goes smoother than mine :smile:

I was thinking on getting a water version but don’t like it near electrics. Maybe I’ll try Ione after my next one breaks.

I’ll look into bearings so I can have a spare spindle.

That’s for your help.

Checking the net it could be bad wiring so checking wiring later and will post if I find anything so it may help others in the future.

Been running for 30 minutes and spindle is cool to the touch. With the spindle running I checked the cable connection on top of the spindle and it was rubbing against the motor slightly as the plastic casing had bent in a little. I put a small thin piece of ply underneath connection to hold it up so the problem was either that or all of the dust that a blew out of it earlier.

Need to print a new piece though as it’s warped the plastic with the heat.

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The 500w spindle I tried kept running hot too. It’d run hot enough to soften the PLA used to mount it to the machine, then the spindle would slowly rotate. It did this on a long cut enough to cause the power wires going to it to rub and short out.

I opened my old spindle up to see if I could see anything unusual and what happened to yours was exactly what happened to mine. One thing I noticed was that the nut on top holding in the shaft that holds the collat was loose so I don’t know whether that came loose and was rubbing on the bottom metal while it spun or somehow the dust caused overheating and when the wires dropped it somehow loosened the nut.

The cable connector on top of the spindle had dropped down so that didn’t help. Whether the heat weakened the plastic and the metal grommet dropped through the plastic I don’t know.

When installing the new spindle it looked like the bottom vents where getting slightly blocked by the dust shoe holder so I have moved the spindle up about 5mm to let the air in.

Definitely keeping an eye on things though.