3d ripple piece

In American Oak - was a freebie piece of timber from someones samples for their new house!

I designed the ripple pattern in blender using a wave modifier then 3d carved it with vCarve Desktop.

Surface is sealed with Feast Watson Sanding Sealer, stained with Feast Watson Oak Colour then used Feast Watson Fine Buffing Oil for the shine.


In progress shot. There were some major errors with the step over that took a lot of sanding to clean up.


That looks like a fun one.

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yah thankfully the abstract ones are very forgiving :slight_smile:

i am planning on a 20mm height extension just to give me a little more space for bigger pieces like this. the step over issue was due to a bit of flex at max height and the bit rebounding off some of the leftover ridges.


That looks awesome!

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