3d printing enabled firmware that can still cnc

Is there a way to have the mini-Rambo that my mpcnc came with be able to 3d print with a detachable hotend piece, and switch to a CNC head without having to reflash the firmware? I remember reading somewhere that there were pins or something you could bridge to give the board a dummy temp or something.

How is this different than you other post?

I’m not trying to police the forums here, I am actually interested in the answer.

I was asking if it was possible to do it, (also i didnt see that reply, sorry), im trying to find out if i can have both 3d printing and cncing without switching firmware

As long as you are not using dual endstops you can leave the printing features enabled and just not use them. If the purpose is only milling then it’s a bit safer to disable the extruder stuff because Marlin will sometimes panic in some circumstances (prevent cold extrusion etc). But a Marlin will be able to move XYZ even with extruder unplugged or thermistor absent or present and cold. Just don’t send an E motion or set an extruder temperature. Those could send Marlin into a safety shutdown.

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Wouldn’t the best solution to the problem be to upgrade the board from the mini to the full with 6 drivers instead of 5??

The full Rambo doesn’t have six drivers. It has five. If you wire extra GPIO pins into an external 6th driver and set up the pins for it then you could in principle have dual endstops and an extruder but that is not a simple setup.

You are correct, i guess it is the pwm plugs i counted. It would probably be easier to use the gpio pins for end stops without the driver. But yes its beyond the standard setup

What would i have to change in the firmware? and do you know of any printing enabled firmware builds on github or something?