3D Printing Clix question

I am trying to get a 3D printer and had a question for anyone who may have one and have used it for this purpose.
Are there any tips for someone doing this?
What printer do you use?
What program do you use to design the sculpts?
I’d love to hear from anyone who has done this or is interested in it.


An FDM (filament type) 3D printer will not give you the accuracy/detail you want. Better to buy a liquid resin printer. SLA or LCD doesn’t matter for detail. But LCD screens burn out sooner I have heard. There are a few on Kickstarter and similar sites for about $700 with all the basics/add-ons you would want.

My coworker was playing with a clix model generator website. Looked pretty cool. Sorry don’t remember the name off hand but Google probably does.

I have also seen clix models on humblebundle.com

thats about all I have for ya off the top of my head.