3d Pens?

My youngest saved up her bottle depot money (she drinks a lot of beer) and bought a 3Doodler but they claim it must use only the little stick refills. I have a feeling I’m gonna have a lot of PLA around here so was wondering if anyone had any experience with any other pens on the market? I might upgrade her.

Still looking into this. If anyone had any recommendations and can save me from sifting through Amazon reviews let me know. This one says it can run PLA and ABS to which I can only wonder…is that safe? ABS and little kids with their noses right at the nozzle?


I’d be more worried about the heat! Unless the ABS is coming out burnt, it’s “safe”.

My daughter loves making things and was becoming quite the wiz with a hot glue gun - not just gluing things together, but making things with hot glue. We bought her a cheap one on Amazon but I can’t find the listing for the one we bought. The box says “3DPen-2” but just searching I see the same pen as a dozen different brands on Amazon. It works fine and she’s continually raiding my PLA.


That’s the thing for me - the PLA. The 3Doodler is/was a great gateway drug into the 3d pen world for our little one but the older one loves using it too. HOWEVER, the “super special” filament sticks are expensive and the 3Doodler cannot use PLA off a spool. Seems silly to know I’ll have oodles of doodles worth of PLA around here to not have pens they can use to doodle with.

I plopped two of these into my cart on Amazon.