3D Aluminum Composite Panel

No, i can show /guide you on how to create the 3d panel flattening and cutting file. This is because each panel will be different for every use case (you have to measure the wall, and place an equal/distributed amount of panels to fill it with no gaps) in the end its pretty easy

Just let me know you will need SketchUp as 3d cad software, a software called Ultimate Papercraft to make the panels flat (or have the knowledge of doing it inside SketchUp using 2 extension -flattery and uv to get the flattened part) and any cam software to make the route (vbit) &cutfiles (exterior)


Hello Cesar, how are you? I would like to ask you several questions about it, one of them is what software you use to send the order to the cutting machine (hear that Sharp 3D works well) among other questions that I would like to send them to you via email if you don’t have trouble

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I design them in SketchUp, you can flatten them using some extensions but i use a papercraft software you could use any . Then for cutting and vroute i just use Vectric aspire. You can use estlcam

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Since I use SketchUp quite a bit, I found and downloaded the extension called Flattery, and got it installed (but not yet tried).

Also, Fusion 360 (which has a free hobby user license) has flattening of folded shapes in its “sheet metal” tab of options.